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We have located some very relevant and interesting articles on property refurbishment that you should find useful.

  • Selecting the right professional
    SELECTING THE RIGHT PROPERTY REFURBISHMENT PROFESSIONAL - If you need to make London property refurbishments, you'll want to ensure you hire a capable firm for the undertaking. Read on for advice to help you make the right decision about who to work with. Really, this advice applies whether you want a refurbishment in London or elsewhere.
  • Kitchen refurbishment
    KITCHEN REFURBISHEMENT - Which room represents the centre of attention in your house? Where is it that people tend to congregate and that visitors gravitate toward, even if you seem to have the most welcoming lounge area? That's right, it's the kitchen.
  • Development tips
    PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT TIPS AND ADVICE - If you're new to property development and are looking to making money buy either selling on or renting then you really need to do some research particularly in this economic climate.


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